mardi 15 avril 2014

FC Barcelona – Real Madrid – The third and last El Clasico this season’s will be played at a neutral venue in Valencia, because it is the final of King’s Cup. The match comes for both teams at a moment when neither is exactly in the best shape, and this is particularly true for Barcelona, who is again in a crisis and was eliminated from the Champions League after two consecutive defeats, while the champion’s title is slipping out of its hands. Real is in better position and will play the semi-finals of the Champions League, while in the championship it has one point more than the Catalans. However, Barcelona won both this season’s El Clasicos that had been played in La Liga. The second one was played less than a month ago in Madrid that Barca won after a great game by 4-3. Begins: 16.04.2014 – 21:30 CET

FC Barcelona

The Catalan ship has dangerously leaned once more and it is very possible that this season stays without a single trophy, which would be equal to a catastrophe. One will certainly not win and that is in the Champions League, where were eliminated by Atletico, who slowly but surely runs leaves them behind in the championship race for the title, as Barcelona again disappointed on Saturday and lost the away match in Granada. The situation has been already seen, because the match irresistibly reminded of the recent one against Valladolid that was also played away, and which also ended by 1-0. We remind that Barca lost the rematch the Champions League quarterfinals to Atletico exactly by this result.
Therefore, two consecutive matches in which Barcelona didn’t score a single goal and something like that hasn’t happened to this team for a long time. To make matters worse, all of the best strikers have played, while the defence also had it shares of problems, so in Granada Busquets had to play stopper. Now, Bartra should return but Pique is still questionable, while goalkeeper Valdes if out of the team for the rest of the season.
Probable lineups FC Barcelona: Pinto – Dani Alves, Bartra, Mascherano, Jordi Alba – Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta – Fabregas, Neymar, Messi

Real Madrid

The situation in Spanish football is changing quickly, so Real is again in a better position than its biggest rival. True, Atletico is the new problem because it has three points more but Real still plays in the Champions League, and has a theoretical chance to win three trophies. The first one should be exactly this one in the Cup, where they lost in last season’s final to Atletico. They retaliated this season in the semi-finals and now want to give something back to Barcelona for two defeats in the championship. They don’t play badly recently apart from that relaxation in Dortmund, which they paid through the nose.
On Saturday, they had an easy job against Almeria, although a couple of standard first team players were not in the team. Injuries are the biggest problem ahead of this match, because Ronaldo hasn’t recovered and will probably not play. Almost certainly there will be no Marcel, but Sergio Ramos should be back, who also didn’t play in Almeria. Carvajal and Xabi Alonso are certainly coming back after their suspensions have expired, while Casillas goes at the goal, who hasn’t received a sing goal in the Cup this season.
Probable lineups Real Madrid: Casillas – Carvajal, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, F. Coentrao – Xabi Alonso, Modric – di Maria, Isco, Bale – Benzema

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