samedi 25 juin 2016

Two 2nd place teams from Groups A and C will meet in the 1st round-of-16 match of UEFA Euro 2016 on Saturday when Switzerland gets on Poland in Saint-Etienne, France. Switzerland finished 2nd behind host club France in Group A with 5 points while the Poles tied Germany in Group C with 7 points however,had a smaller score difference.

Poland played in the tougher of the 2 groups and did not give up a score in its 1st 3 matches,outscoring its opponents by a two-zero margin, including a zero-zero draw with Germ

Switzerland vs Poland
UEFA EURO Round of 16
Today, 9:00 AM

Unluckily, the Germans topped Ukraine by one more goal in a two-zero triumph compared to one-zero for the Poles to win Group C. The tie with Germany was the 1st scoreless game of the tournament and the 1st time since the 2008 final that the Germans did not tally a score in a UEFA Euro match.

For the Swiss, draws rivalry Romania and host France kept the team from winning Group A. Like Poland, though, Switzerland played the French to a zero-zero draw in the final match in group play on Sunday, earning the esteem of some who doubted they could make it to the knockout stage.

These are 2 very solid apologetic squads that surrendered just one goal in 6 matches between them. That happened when the Swiss tied Romania one-one in their 2nd game in Group A play.

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